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Kush Entrepreneurship Development Centre


The Kush Entrepreneurship Development Centre incorporates Cultural Initiatives Network (CIN) and Social & Economic Empowerment Network(SEEN). The primary purpose of the centre is to develop, encourage and incentivise the African and the ethnic minority community to pursue the path of entrepreneurship and to help them become innovative business leaders who can create wealth through job creation.


We are passionately enthused by the fact that there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.The Entrepreneurship centre will empower and avail the community the opportunity to:


  • Employability (first to themselves and to other locals) through the acquisitions of sustainable skills to meet today's economic challenge.

  • Personal Finance-Through confidence building and self worth

  • Right Attitude towards wealth creations, Leadership, Values and communal solidarity

  • Economic growth through the contribution to GDP and less dependence on social benefits.

  • Good  and worthwhile social Lifestyles.





The centre is set to achieve the above vision through the following:


  • Accessibility to skills acquisitions and the nurturing of talent/ideas

  • Vocational training programmes

  • Management and financial handling trainings, ethical & compliance issues.

  • Accessibility to a community of mentors, role models, industry experts and business networks within the community

  • Revolving and on-going support to assist mentees to upscale and grow their businesses in an efficient and effective manner.


Accelerating Entrepreneuship in Scotland

Entrepreneurship Centre is tailored in a way to meet individual community needs and develops their skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work. Setting up and running a company is something that the vulnerables and the disadvantaged members of the community of all ages will benefit from. This is because every individual has the right to be exposed to ownership concepts, to the possibility of ownership, and to the habits of thoughts that lead to wealth creations.


But it is not just about setting up in business. It is about giving the service users the chance to experience real business and work-related learning through entrepreneurial activities. To also confront the 'entrepreneurship myths', entrepreneurship is not about magic; its not mysterious; and it has nothing to do with GENES/DNA. It is a discipline and, like any discipline, it can be learned.


The centre allows young people to develop a range of skills through 'hands-on' participation. They learn that being a leader is not just about telling others what to do.


At the centre, they will learn the value of teamwork, the importance of good communication strategies, how to present information both on paper and in oral and visual presentations, how to deal with failure and the positive lessons they can take away from the experience.


We understand the appropriateness of tackling the mind-set of "9am-5pm Approach" to life which is the story of most community. The Entrepreneur Centre is set up to re-orientate the mind-sets, and therefore the attitude of this community to the world of entrepreneurship.


The Project Director, Mr. Michael Jonathan, defined "attitude as a settled way of thinking that is manifested in ones conducts and character". The centre though open to all irrespective of color,gender or sexual orientation, will focus on the identification, development and the sustainability of entrepreneurial skills in Scotland.
One of the pronged approaches is discovering and imparting skills to young minds, inspiring them to strive for the best and seeing them enjoy the fruits of their labour in an enabling environment where mentees will become mentors such that it becomes a relishing experience for all that passed through the centre.


In doing so, they would have learnt to unlearn, relearn in order to push the boundaries of their knowledge and skills and to diligently acquire a completely new set of know-how, arts of networking and innovation for life.




When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left,and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'.


  Erma Bombeck


"Every individual has the right to be exposed to ownership concepts, to the possibility of ownership, and to the habits of thought that lead to wealth creation" Mariotti 2005

1.Entrepreneurship Workshop


There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. The Entrepreneurship workshops provides enterprise enhancement assistance programs and services to ensure the growth of entrepreneurs through​ in-house training and or institutions on-site training.


Our main thrust and focus is the development and empowerment of the vulnerable and the disadvantaged young and adults in Scotland. The underpinning thrust for the workshop are:


  1. Identifying gifts, Talents & Skills

  2. Preparing to Launch a business

  3. Graphing your career through vocational qualification.

  4. Writing a business plan

  5. Determining cost & profit

  6. developing a marketing plan

  7. Translanting  (HOPE) ideas/dreams into a living day reality

A. Entrepreneurship Seed 101


This free workshop on Entrepreneurship will help build your foundation as a would-be entrepreneur. It is avenue for you to assess yourself and identify aspects of business that you need to strenthen and safeguard before you take the plunge into the world of business. Attend this seminar and be a step closer to a successful practice of entrepreneurship.

2. Livelihood Workshops

A. Fashion Beads, Accessories Crafting & Sewing


Capitalized on your fashion sense and creativity in making your personally designed accessories. Learn the techniques as well as costing, pricing and packaging in this five hours intensive workshop.


You see live demonstration and the practical reality of the making of exotic beads, the use of sewing machines, embroidery and general craftings. In addition, participant will learn how to set up small scale business in beads making, tailoring and be empowered financially.

B. How to do Online Marketing Business​


More and more people today explore and engage in home-based online business powered by the internet. This four-hour course will enable you understand the Process, Plan and start your very own online business. Learn how and start spending more time with your family while earning profitably.



B.Start Your Own Business Enterprise (SYOBE)


Invest your hard-earned money in a business that fits your kind of person. Understand the business cycle and what it would take to set up and manage the type of business that you have in mind. Be equipped with business skills before taking the plunge. Find out how through this SYOBE TRAINING WORKSHOP.

 The Women Entrepreneurial Project


                                                   WOMENPRENEURS: MY MUSTARD SEED


Hope Amplified will be organising a seminar titled-Womenpreneurs: My Mustard Seed .


This project is geared towards building generation of successful entrepreneurs and to empower the community identify and embrace entrepreneurship for the good of the Scottish Society. It will equally give a new face to entrepreneurship in the country.


At Hope Amplified, we believed that SMEs are the engine room for the development and the sustainability of any economy whether developing or advanced because they form the bulk of business activities. We will be building the participants managerial capacity, confidence and business & emotional intelligence. 


Our networking activities will provide opportunity for members to access business linkages and gain knowledge from mentors who are experts in their variuos fields of endeavours such as Business Research, HMRC, VAT registration, SME funding, Business Planning and Execution, Branding, Company Registration, Exports, Logistics, Business Pitching, Products/Service Launch and so on.


Sustainability of this project is predicated on the continuing and ongoing ways members can solve their business problems through the Business Clinics we will be organising from time to time where service users have the opportunity to access free consultancy from mentors and seasoned business owners who have excelled in all areas of business endeavours.


The project will train teenagers to become entrepreneurs and through our co-operative schemes, loans will be given to members to support their business.



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