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Climate Change Conversation

The Scottish Government is keen to encourage local discussions about how community can reduce the emissions that cause climate change, and to prepare for a changing climate. In support of the Scottish Government Climate Change Agenda, Hope Amplified work collaboratively with Keep Scotland Beautiful, one of the flagship circular organisation in Scotland to organised Climate Change conversation with the African Charity Organisation based in Lanarkshire County in Scotland. The conversation provided a variety of opportunities for the represented organisations to learn more about climate change, engage in discussions and to take local action.


Carbon Literacy Training

Hope Amplified working in collabration with Keep Scotland Beautiful is pleased to host over 23 Charity organisations to attend the accredited Carbon Literacy training programme that helps attendees make the link between their own lives and climate change, alongside outlining the practical steps to help tackle it.

Keep Scotland Beautiful supports community-led organisations to gain an instinctive understanding of the carbon impacts of their activities, and be able to make informed choices about the lower carbon options available to them. 

Hope Amplified support community-led organisations to be more confident engaging with their communities and communicating about climate change. To do this end, we work collaboratively with Keep Scotland beautiful to host the accredited ‘Carbon Literacy’ training programme targeting the community not already engaged with Climate Change.

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The 2-day ‘Carbon Literacy for Communities’ aimed to get you up to speed with the science behind climate change and likely impacts, but more importantly it help build the confidence to speak about climate change and to identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions in the community. 


The course is accredited by the award winning ‘Carbon Literacy Project’ and attendees have the opportunity to go forward for assessment and receive official certification.

Delivered by: Keep Scotland Beautiful as part of the Capacity Building Programme for the Climate Chanllenge Fund.

The 2 days Activities:

Examine the scientific basis for climate change

  • Explore the potential impacts rising greenhouse gasses and a changing climate

  • Learn about communicating climate change and practice some techniques for doing so

  • Understand the anthropogenic sources of GHGs and how our everyday lives relate to them

  • Explore the Scottish Government's Low Carbon Behaviours and the challenges/opportunities to adoption in your community

  • Explore behaviour change models and how these might help you structure investigation into increasing adoption in your community


By the end of the day you will:

  • Have an improved understanding of the science of climate change

  • Be more confident in talking to people about climate change

  • Have improved carbon literacy

  • Identify  low carbon behaviours you would like to adopt yourself and to encourage in your community

  • Develop a plan to identify opportunities/barriers to adopting low carbon behaviours in your community 

Galleries of participants at the last Accredited Carbon Literacy Training held on the 6-7 September 2018

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DSC_6692 mic47.jpg
DSC_6667 mics.jpg
DSC_6671 mics 33.jpg
DSC_6658 mic23.jpg
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DSC_6688 mic44.jpg
DSC_6656 mic21.jpg
DSC_6693 mic48.jpg
DSC_6633  mic7.jpg
DSC_6676 mic37.jpg
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