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Music, Drama and Arts  for the community by the  community


The djembe ('jem-beh') is the goblet-shaped drum used by the Maninke people of western Africa since the 1300's. The drum has been around for centuries in West African culture and over the last 50 years has made a considerable impact on world music. Its allure is obvious-it’s fairly easy to play, portable, sociable and accordingly, it has been assimilated into many styles of music.

Kush Arts & Music Initiatives open to all members of the community would afford our service users the opportunity to understand and appreciates other musical cultures through cultural awakening. Participants will have the abundance opportunity to learn, imbibe and demonstrate the ability to play contemporary and traditional instruments with the infusion of localized rhythm dance routines.


The Initiative will help people or the service users make their lives better for the future and help improve perceptions of each other by providing opportunities for interaction through culture and between cultures. It will be the catalyst for the disadvantaged and vulnerable young people fulfilled their potential through building connections and developing opportunities.


We are confident that the project will go a long way in empowering the community and all the service users in developing and improving their vocational qualification and skills acquisitions useful in gaining the confidence to pursue their future career in the arts and music, hitherto not available, and in the long term escape live cycle of poverty. The benefit will be ongoing if the service users continued their involvement in the Music and Arts on an ongoing basis.




The African Rhythm Dance Workshop


The sessions, open to all, will take place in different locations across Scotland and will incorporate a wide range of dance styles.


We are working with a professional choreographer who will pull together routines for future performance. The purpose is to deliver a legacy of well being before and beyond the commonwealth games.







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