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Hope Kitchens Project (HKP) Incorporating the Hope Pensioners Club; Hope Kids Club; Hope Cafe and Hope Food Bank works with the vulnerables and disadvantaged people and community groups in Glasgow and Lanarkshire to promote healthy eating and healthy living making healthy food more available. We deliver training and create employment opportunities.

Community Kitchens Impact Report


In 2012 the project reached over 53 people, 45% were men and 57% from BME communities.


Evidence of impact e.g. cooking courses run in Castlemilk (57% BME communities and 43% Indigenous populations):


• 40 residents gained the ability and confidence to cook and eat healthily


• 100% said the course helped them make more healthy eating choices


• 94% said it helped them access more affordable healthy food


• 37% increase in daily home cooking


• 2 extra portions of fruit and vegetables were eaten per day

HKP’s is open to all in the community, though is focus on the vulnerables disadvantaged and members of BME community.The disadvantaged people are those on low income, people with special needs, young care leavers, refugee communities, and those at high risk of diet-related health problems.


Services are provided at a range of community settings including on social housing estates and places of worship. The whole essence of the initiatives is tackling poverty and inequality, creating a platform to understand & respect of one another cultures, building confidence through skills acquisitions and sense of belongings and appreciation of one another`s gifts in the community. According to Sir Harry Burns, Chief Medical Officer for Scotland says "the key to wellbeing is CUDDLES, CONFIDENCE AND CONNECTEDNESS"

HKP deliver the following activities:
• Cook and Taste courses tailored to the needs of different groups e.g. people with learning disabilities, mental health users, BME groups.

• Healthy eating workshops.

• Healthy eating stall at your event offering healthy eating advice to the public.

• Life Skills courses for young people including a supermarket tour and budgeting skills.

• Healthy heart workshops.

• Qualified Health Trainers for one-to-one advice.

• Lifestyle Behaviour Change and Weight Management group and individual sessions


Accredited Training courses

• Community Nutrition Advisor training course for people who want to deliver cook and taste courses in the community (Level 2/3).

• Healthier Foods & Special Diets’ course (Level 2) in basic nutrition and creating nutritious menus.

• Food Safety in Catering training (Level 1 and Level 2) - Essential for people who want to work in catering.


Please contact us for available space. We welcome the opportunity to do partnership work and to share our expertise with other voluntary organisations with similar vision.


Past Community Kitchens projects include:

5 a Day (September, 2012) Cook and Taste courses, healthy eating workshops, accredited food safety courses, stalls at events, accredited Community Nutrition Advisor Training for those wishing to gain a qualification in healthy eating/cooking and train other people in the subject.

Stepping Stones (October, 2012) Weight loss courses for people who are overweight or obese, including healthy eating advice, practical cooking sessions, gentle exercise and behaviour change techniques.

Health Trainer Scheme (November, 2012):  One-to-one support for people who want to attain healthier lifestyles using behavioural change techniques. Support was offered in the areas of healthy eating, exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol consumption.


Life Skills courses for young people (December, 2012): Courses provided practical cooking sessions, nutrition information, exercise classes, stress management and a supermarket tour.


All courses whether life skills or accredited are free. 





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